Your urology for Wismar



An ultrasound examination is an imaging procedure that is regularly used in urology. Abdominal organs and blood vessels can be examined without radiation and pain. Our practice has one of the most modern ultrasound machines with a high-resolution screen and 3 ultrasound probes for deep-seated organs but also for superficial structures and organs. Thanks to duplex sonography, vascular imaging of e.g. the kidney, aorta or prostate is quickly possible. Transrectal ultrasound with bi-plane technique allows us to perform precise sampling of the prostate.

Prostate biopsy:

Prostate biopsy is necessary if prostate carcinoma is suspected. This is the case if the prostate marker (PSA: prostate specific antigen) is elevated or if the prostate is hardened. After local anesthesia of the prostate, we take tissue samples from different prostate zones. This procedure is performed under 2-dimensional synchronized live images. The samples are examined by pathologists for cancer cells. We receive the written histological findings after only a few days.
After the examination, the patient stays in the clinic for a while for monitoring, then he can go home independently. Because the procedure is performed under local anesthesia, the patient does not need to be fasting.

Laboratory diagnostics

In cooperation with the Laboratory MVZ Nordwestmecklenburg we offer almost all feasible laboratory diagnostics. Due to the countless laboratory parameters, we conduct an individual consultation with you beforehand.


Endoscopic examinations are used to examine hollow organs. Endoscopy is indispensable in urology. Endoscopy is used in a urological practice for various reasons, for example, bladder endoscopy (cystoscopy) is essential for the detection and follow-up of bladder cancer, but also in the case of micturition problems, urethra and bladder endoscopy is a reliable method to clarify the causes elementary, such as urethral stenosis or bladder stones. Diagnostic endoscopy in urology can usually be performed under local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis.