Your urology for Wismar

Curriculum Vitae

University education and qualification:








Doctor in Human Medicine (Damascus University)

Master of Surgery (Urology) with the distinction ”magna cum laude”

Recognition as a specialist in urology in Germany

Additional title “Palliative Medicine

Diplom ,,Fellow of The European Board of Urology”

Additional title “Medicinal Tumor Therapy”

Qualification as a physician in charge of hygiene


Reference books in Arabic

Urology Secrets 3.ed (1st Arabic edition)
(Damascus, ©2006 Pearls Publishing House)

Glenn’s Urologic Surgery 6.ed (1st Arabic edition in 2 volumes)
(Damascus,©2008 Dar-Alquds Publishers)

Professional background:

10/2003 – 10/2008

08/2009 – 07/2010

08/2010 – 07/2011

07/2011 – 06/2014

07/2014 – 12/2019

Since 04/2022

Resident (Postgraduate Student) in the Urology Clinic
at the University Hospital in Lattakia /Syria

Physician (fellowship) in the urological clinic in Charité –
University Medicine – Berlin (Head physician: Prof. Dr. K. Miller )

Physician or specialist in the urological clinic in Südharz Hospital –
Nordhausen (chief physician: Dr. med. M. Beintker)

Specialist for urology in the urological clinic in Klinikum Dortmund
(Chief physician: Prof. Dr. M. Truß)

Senior physician or deputy chief physician in the urological clinic
in Sana Hanse Klinikum – Wismar (Chief physician: Dr. med. M. Wiese)

Established urologist in own medical practice